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Underwood Conservation District (UCD) helps landowners and land managers enhance and protect natural resources on a voluntary basis.  We can provide assistance in areas such as conservation planning, water and soil protection, wildlife habitat improvement, wildfire risk reduction (Firewise) and much more. UCD can also help arrange for cost sharing assistance in implementing projects that improve or protect natural resources.  Like other conservation districts, UCD is a not-for-profit, non-regulatory agency, available to assist landowners in natural resource conservation.


UCD News and Announcements

Notice of the Intent to Adopt an Election Resolution
The Underwood Conservation District Board of Supervisors intends to hold its regular monthly board meeting at 7 PM on Tuesday, November 17, 2015, during which the Board intends to adopt a resolution setting the date, time, and location of an election to fill a Conservation District Supervisor’s expiring term.

Please note: future election information will be posted ONLY on the Underwood Conservation District website.

Upcoming Workshops & Events

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Mobile Chipping Service up and running for Skamania and Western Klickitat County residents

Rural homeowners and residents can now sign up for our mobile chipper service on a first-come, first-served basis.  Please contact Jan at 509-493-1936 or jan@ucdwa.org for more details and to be placed on our chipping list.

Manure Spreader Rental Now Available

Manure spreader workshop 2015UCD is excited to announce the availability of a manure spreader for rent starting in July 2015.  Over the years we have worked with many livestock owners to build manure storage and composting facilities and provide technical assistance on manure composting and spreading guidelines.  UCD is partnering with DJ’s Repair and Rental in Bingen to offer a Mill Creek Brand manure spreader with 57 cubic foot capacity.  The spreader and transport trailer are available for a rental fee of $65/day.  Contact Carly Lemon carly@ucdwa.org at UCD for more information.

The following links contain more information about manure composting and fertilizing with manure:


Visit our Workshops & Events page for information on past events, including links to presentations and contact information for presenters.


Cost Share Opportunities

Conservation Practice Cost-Share Program now accepting applications

Do you have a conservation project in mind for your property?  Would it benefit water quality, wildlife habitat, or other natural resources?  If so, Underwood Conservation District may be able to help you find funding for your project. UCD is currently seeking landowners with thoughtful stewardship project ideas and preliminary plans.  See our Cost Share Program Flyer or visit our Cost Share webpage for more information.


Additional opportunities available from the National Resource Conservation Service (NRCS)

The Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) is a voluntary, technical and financial assistance program designed to help farmers improve irrigation efficiency; manage nutrient run-off and/or animal waste; improve the health of native plant communities; and reduce soil loss. In most instances, producers who participate in the program pay for roughly half of the costs of the conservation measures or practices.

Eligible producers and entities interested will now have until October 16 to submit their applications for consideration in fiscal year 2016. The original deadline was July 17, 2015. Producers should also expect to work with NRCS to write a personalized conservation plan prior to funding obligation. Conservation plans are free to producers and identify potential natural resource problems, evaluate alternatives, and recommend solutions that could make use of the land more effective and sustainable.

EQIP funding options include:

EQIP Local Working Group funding pool: Conservation funding is available for regional priority resource concerns identified by each regions local work groups. Local work groups are made up of one or more counties.

EQIP Organic Initiative: Conservation funding is available to organic producers and those transitioning to organic production in Washington. Through the EQIP Organic Initiative signup, farmers, ranchers and dairy operators may apply for financial and technical assistance to plan and install conservation measures such as buffer strips, conservation crop rotation, cover crops, field borders, mulching, nutrient management, pest management, residue management, and more.

EQIP High Tunnel Initiative: Through the EQIP Seasonal High Tunnel Initiative signup, agricultural producers may apply for financial and technical assistance to plan and install Seasonal High Tunnels to facilitate an extended growing season and improve soil health.

EQIP CAPS: A Conservation Activity Plan or CAP can be developed for producers to identify conservation practices needed to address a specific natural resource needs.

EQIP Energy Initiative: The EQIP Energy Initiative is intended to assist producers in conserving energy on their farms through an Agriculture Energy Management Plan (AgEMPs), also known as on-farm energy audits, and provide assistance to implement various recommended measures identified in the energy audit.

EQIP Sage Grouse Initiative: The Sage Grouse Initiative provides help to private landowners voluntarily protect sage-grouse populations and habitat on their working lands. Technical and financial assistance through EQIP is available for implementing the specific practices.

In Skamania County, Anitra Gorham in the Brush Prairie Service Center is available to assist producers one-on-one with their applications for 2015.  Please contact her at: (360) 883-1987 x 108, or stop by the local USDA Service Center at 11104 NE 149th St, Ste 400 in Brush Prairie, WA.

In Klickitat County, please contact Sergio Paredes or Konrad Bomberger at (509) 773-5822, or stop by the local USDA Service Center at 1107 S. Columbus Ave in Goldendale, WA.


Other News


Be a part of the conversation!  Send an email to info@ucdwa.org, answering this question: What could UCD do to support or enhance natural resources in Skamania and western Klickitat Counties? 


This website undergoes occasional updates and improvements.  Thanks in advance for your patience if you find any glitches or can’t find what you’re looking for. If you need additional information, please don’t hesitate to call our office and speak with someone on staff: (509) 493-1936.